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Appointments Post

Feel free to use this post for random threads, backtagging or forwardtagging, whatever. It can be Written, Action, Voice, or just a quick call on the journal system for whatever reason.

When you tag, please put a [Style, Date] in the subject line to start it out, eg.:

[Action, January 1st]


august 30th, written. /pops this cherry

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[ this is incredibly sloppy handwriting! it looks a little rushed. and it is. sort of. shizuo is laying on his side and the journal is sort of out of reach. ] hey, zack?

august 30th, written.

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Can you pick me up some groceries? [ and he hates asking. but. wow. he's gotten out of bed a few times and managed to make it to the kitchen table. and noooo further. ]

august 30th, written.

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Not too bad. Just can't get out of bed.

august 30th, written.

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[ and the door is unlocked. he's kind of. sprawled on his belly on the couch. looking more annoyed than in pain. ]

november 4th, voice and then action!

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[ She'd hunt Zack all over, but she does have a journal and she figures it's quicker. ]

Zack? Can we talk?

Re: november 4th, voice

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Home is fine. We just need a little quiet.

[ And a little privacy. When Aerith does find him, she looks worried as she pulls the door closed. ]

Cloud told me he already talked to you. ...Are you okay?

Re: november 4th, action

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You've just had an awful time of things, haven't you? [ She feels bad and knows part of it was caused by her holding back the truth, but not in a sense of overwhelming guilt: there was the mask before and their supposed "deaths" after that nasty truth came to light. She sits on another side of the bed and looks at the sword, but doesn't say anything about that right now. She's not even sure she wants Cloud to have it--sure, it'll help him feel more at ease, but it's Zack's and important to him too. ]

He'll remember you. He did before. ...He still remembers all these little things, but he doesn't realize.

audio. november 15th

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[ in the late evening you're getting a ring. shizuo missed his shift and is just now remembering to call in. ]

Oi, Zack.

audio. november 15th

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Sorry. I got caught up in something.

[ he scratches the side of his face. He already had his big freakout about this, his bed is pretty bashed up. ] ... Aa, listen. I'm going to need a week or so off...

audio. november 15th

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Sort of. [ A deep breath. Don't get pissed, come on man, you made progress. ] The Malnosso dragged my little brother and my boss here.
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video, may 20

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[ A vaguely annoyed expression is not a rare sight on the face of this particular girl, but when Lightning chooses to ping Zack at random in the middle of the day, her eyes clearly darting up and away every few seconds, it should be pretty obvious that something's up. Especially since she's leaning against the wall of Seventh Heaven, of all places.

... Kind of like she's hiding from someone? ]

Hey, Zack.
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video, may 20

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[ Reasonably okay, that is... even if she'd probably answer in the affirmative even if she'd just survived having her arm torn off and was still bleeding profusely... 8|

But anyway. ]

There's a guy here who says he knows me. He claims he's from Gran Pulse.
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Been hit pretty hard before... but not hard enough to make me forget something like... knowing more people from Pulse.

[ Humorless is she, though. There's frowning and frowning, and then she shakes her head absently; her confusion and stress over this is making her... distracted and talkative in a weird way. ]

Told me right ahead he's from the future... and a lot of other just weird things. Claims to know my sister, too.

[ So, yeah. Uh. Yeah. That sister she's kind of obsessed with? ]

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