wingenvy: (we'll have a gay old time)
Zack Fair ([personal profile] wingenvy) wrote2010-05-05 10:16 pm

[Voice / Action]

[Backdated to this afternoon, because Akai is slow.]

Hey, Brave Vesperia! I got us a job, if anybody wants to help out. Atsuki's asked if we can build a hang-out spot in the southern half of the village, so people don't have to walk all the way to the plaza just to have some fun. I wanna get started with scouting out the area, but I want to know if anybody's interested in helping out.

Same goes for anyone not in the guild- if you're bored and looking for some hard labour to keep you busy, I won't say no to the help!

[Zack is wandering through the village, doing just what he said- scouting out a spot that would work for the new building. What's most noticeable is that a) he's wearing a brilliant pink shirt and b) he's got a pink bow tied in his hair. Yes, it seems that he took Aerith up on her bet to wear pink like the manly man he is. He's got his journal ready to respond to whatever.]

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