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Zack Fair ([personal profile] wingenvy) wrote2010-07-08 03:15 pm

[Voice / Action] backdate to morning

Hey, I wanna talk to that Malnosso guy who gives people stuff from home, ASAP!

Oh, and BRAVE VESPERIA, it's work time! This is also to anybody who offered to help build that new hang-out house- the space is all cleared up and the ground is ready, and I've got the materials, but I need help putting it together! If you're still up for giving me a hand, everything's going down just south of the second community building. Thanks ahead of time!

Since it's kind of hot out today, I think we should have a party down at the lake if we manage to get the building together! ...Or the mains structure, anyway. Any start is a good one, right?

[True to his word, Zack is hanging out in the aformentioned spot with a whackload of trimmed, cut-out, and somewhat disorganized logs and wooden planks, plus an empty lot of leveled, stomped-down dirt for the building itself. That's right kids, it's time to build a LOG CABIN! He's at a table where a decent set of drawing plans are laid out; he's had a lot of time to work on this, so he had to come up with something that wasn't half-assed. He hopes.

Closer to the evening, he'll be over by the southern lake swimming and/or dozing in the grass, regardless of whether or not anyone joins him or how much work gets done. A good swim always helps after a hard day's work, woo.]

[ooc: I figured this could act as a building log of sorts; mass action interaction to anybody who said they'd help build the thing, or down at the lake if they feel so inclined. Or even if you just want to drop by. I figured I'd leave it as open as possible. Feel free to handwave or just tack a note that your character was involved if you don't want to play it out- it's just high time this thing got started, fff. /fails

Also due to the lack of Bil for the moment, I'm handwaving the conversation in favour of an announcement: there were a few player inquiries, so Zack is requesting a karaoke machine be placed in Good Spirits. So as of Friday morning, lo and behold, there'll be one! Now someone organize some drunken party antics. |D]

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