wingenvy: (and a bold world for me)
Zack Fair ([personal profile] wingenvy) wrote2011-02-28 05:45 pm

[Voice / Action]

Is there really nothing we can do except wait while people are out on these drafts? I hate not being able to help like this. It's so... [Depressing? Disheartening? WORRISOME AS HELL? Yeah, all of the above.] ...Man. I just-

[There's a sudden clatter and a startled, "whoa!" before a prolonged pause.]

...Huh? What are you doing here...? Hey!

[The journal is suddenly knocked over by a flash of movement and the sound of a pot breaking on the floor of the flower shop, cutting the entry off. It probably looks/sounds like a kidnapping, but surprise! It's not. Zack will be out and about in the village for the rest of the day, in three main locations- the plaza, Good Spirits, and then back to community building 4 to go check on Lightning's roommate, Hope. Since misery loves company, or something.

And wherever he goes, he's being followed by a winged wolf. He seems pretty unbothered by this fact, though he doesn't exactly give the wolf a lot of attention. It's a bit weird 8|a]

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