wingenvy: (it's time to try defying gravity)
Zack Fair ([personal profile] wingenvy) wrote2011-04-29 10:35 pm

[Voice / Action]

Never a dull moment in this place, huh.

Well, the bar's still open! Don't try to drown your sorrows or anything though, okay? That's no way to deal with what just happened.

[Locked to Buffy and Meryl]

Hey Buffy, Meryl, got a question. There's a guy who came to Luceti a few months ago, Shizuo- he fell on the fountain, if you were around for that. He wants to work at the bar, and I said it'd be okay if he worked during my shifts. If you guys don't mind, I mean- let me know if it's a problem.

[Locked to Shizuo]

Hey, Shizuo, feel like working tonight? I'd like to talk.

[Zack'll be chilling out in Good Spirits for a good chunk of today, and he's really looking to socialize for a distraction, so COME SOCIALIZE. Yes.]

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