wingenvy: (put it in the ground)
Zack Fair ([personal profile] wingenvy) wrote2011-08-10 02:54 pm

[Voice / Action]

Hey, everyone, ears here!

I'm thinking that Good Spirits could really use some new options for what we serve here. Best way to keep a place alive is to stir things up, right? So I had a thought- I bet lots of worlds out there have different drinks that you can't find anywhere else, really unique mixes. Hell, even Luceti has a few now, right? Like Going Merry.

So basically I'd like it if we could get some drinks from other worlds mixed here! It doesn't have to be alcohol, either, anything's good. We can serve all kinds of stuff!

[Sup, world, guess who's trying to distract himself from his suddenly-missing co-worker? You should totally come to visit the bar and help out. ...Oh, and the bar menu really does need an expansion, so there's that, too.

And if the bar isn't what floats your boat, feel free to run into Zack on his way to or from Good Spirits, too.]

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