Jun. 5th, 2010

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[So Zack is having a nice, early-evening shower to cool down after a long day; he's been removing and stripping branches off the trees in the woods just below houses 17-19 so Brave Vesperia can get to work on the new building Atsuki had requested before all the crazy flaming death and butterflies happened. And since it's hot outside these days, a cold shower is just what the doctor ordered, right?

Except that, in the middle of it, he opens his eyes and suddenly there is mako everywhere, choking his throat and burning his eyes and there was glass around him, closing him in, and where was Cloud, Hojo's gone for the night, he had to get them out--

So he charges the glass. Except the glass isn't glass, and is in fact the wall of the bathroom of the apartment he and Aerith share. And since it's damn near impossible to stop a SOLDIER once he gets going, the kitchen wall is pretty much doomed as well.

And that's how Zack ends up outside, naked, in a pile of broken brick and drywall dust, rubbing his pounding head and wondering what the hell just happened.

Not too long after, once he's gotten ahold of his journal-]


Hey, uh... anybody living on the first floor of C7? You should probably use one of the kitchens on the other floors for a while...

[Sob. That was a big oops.]

So, Luceti, what's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

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