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[So Zack is having a nice, early-evening shower to cool down after a long day; he's been removing and stripping branches off the trees in the woods just below houses 17-19 so Brave Vesperia can get to work on the new building Atsuki had requested before all the crazy flaming death and butterflies happened. And since it's hot outside these days, a cold shower is just what the doctor ordered, right?

Except that, in the middle of it, he opens his eyes and suddenly there is mako everywhere, choking his throat and burning his eyes and there was glass around him, closing him in, and where was Cloud, Hojo's gone for the night, he had to get them out--

So he charges the glass. Except the glass isn't glass, and is in fact the wall of the bathroom of the apartment he and Aerith share. And since it's damn near impossible to stop a SOLDIER once he gets going, the kitchen wall is pretty much doomed as well.

And that's how Zack ends up outside, naked, in a pile of broken brick and drywall dust, rubbing his pounding head and wondering what the hell just happened.

Not too long after, once he's gotten ahold of his journal-]


Hey, uh... anybody living on the first floor of C7? You should probably use one of the kitchens on the other floors for a while...

[Sob. That was a big oops.]

So, Luceti, what's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
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[Backdated to this afternoon, because Akai is slow.]

Hey, Brave Vesperia! I got us a job, if anybody wants to help out. Atsuki's asked if we can build a hang-out spot in the southern half of the village, so people don't have to walk all the way to the plaza just to have some fun. I wanna get started with scouting out the area, but I want to know if anybody's interested in helping out.

Same goes for anyone not in the guild- if you're bored and looking for some hard labour to keep you busy, I won't say no to the help!

[Zack is wandering through the village, doing just what he said- scouting out a spot that would work for the new building. What's most noticeable is that a) he's wearing a brilliant pink shirt and b) he's got a pink bow tied in his hair. Yes, it seems that he took Aerith up on her bet to wear pink like the manly man he is. He's got his journal ready to respond to whatever.]
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Hey, Albert, can I talk to you about something? Oh, Seph, you too.

[It's spring! Glorious spring! And that means Zack is putting his hammock back up on the trees just outside his community house room (building #7). Or rather, he's trying to- some people might remember how well that worked out last year. The difference is that this year Tammy is trying to help him with it, pulling at ropes with her beak and warking curiously as he headscratches. This is like the blind leading the blind, here.]


Mar. 23rd, 2010 09:16 pm
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Man, why does she have to be gone when things get exciting...?

[Bleh. Zack's feeling bummed and alone while Aerith's kidnapped, so~ distractions go.]

So what kind of cool stuff did you guys get from the Malnosso? Anybody get a working cell phone? Can't find a signal anywhere.

[Locked from the usual bad guys]

Okay, the real reason for this is that... well, Cloud and I were talking, and something came up that we think should be dealt with before another fight outside the barrier starts up. I don't know why the Malnosso wants to send kids over there, but I think it's important that we organize some kind of defense for 'em if it happens again. If some of you hero-types agree to buddy up with the kids that get sent over, they'd be safer, right? They'd at least have someone watching their backs.

I know some of you younger guys probably think you're strong and can handle anything, and that's fine, but... well, I don't really think it's right for kids to be killing people, and I don't want to see any of you die, either.
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Hey, does anybody know if you can get seeds in the shops? It's really important! I was gonna check but I'm kind of busy here.

[Anyone passing the area between House 50 and community building 7 might notice something... unusual.

Zack's decked out in full-fledged farmer's gear (most definitely not dressed for the weather, either, not that it bothers him), armed, not with his sword, but with the first tool he could find - namely, an oh-so useful shovel. And he's currently in the process of making long, wedged lines in the snow with it. Because planting seeds in deep snow with a shovel totally = good farming tactics. He's even recruited Tammy into 'plowing' the 'field' for him, which involves her dragging a little sled over the snow, stomping over the work he's already done, and generally making a mess of everything. Unhelpful chocobo is unhelpful.

It's pretty obvious Zack has NO idea what he's doing, but at least he seems happy about it?

HINDER HIM, BOTHER HIM. Or offer to help if you're feeling particularly masochistic. He is willing to take on more slaves farm-hands.]


Jan. 6th, 2010 11:12 pm
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I gotta say, I'm not a big fan of this time of year. I miss the sun being out all the time! Lately the weather's been so gloomy, it's no fun to go outside.

Hey everybody, what's your favourite thing to do inside the house?

[Locked to Aerith and Cloud]

Hey, Aerith, can I talk to you? You too, Spike, but I'll come and find you after, so sit tight, okay?
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This place is crazy- I can't believe how many people are here now! Yuri, we should start recruiting! Brave Vesperia could be huge!

It's weird that the newcomers don't have wings, though. Anyone have ideas on why that is? Maybe the Malnosso ran out of 'em or something.

So how many of me are out there now? I want to meet you guys!


Dec. 2nd, 2009 07:58 pm
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Aerith, your voice is back now, right? We better talk. Spike, you too.


Nov. 26th, 2009 11:11 am
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[Zack is hanging around the shop plaza, doing a little investigating to try and see if there's anything special about the place now. If the supposed portal is going to open there, he's curious to know if there's anything in the area that's changed. You might find him poking at the fountain, circling the sunken well, stopping and crouching down to check the ground beneath the snow sometimes. He's pretty focused on his work, though it probably looks strange.

Bother him?]
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[ooc: this sucker is sort of backdated, because due to midterms I wasn't really able to post before now.]

Oh man, this place is so cool! Hey, Spike, we're gonna ride everything, okay!?

Who still has tokens? What's the most fun thing to do there? Does anybody have a favourite? I wanna know!

[Zack is running around the park, sometimes with Cloud and Aerith, sometimes alone, pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Guaranteed that he'll run out of tokens, so guess what else he's doing?

That's right, RUNNING BOOTHS. Which booth? Probably the booth you're going to try and play. Whether you want to or not- because if you happen to pass by the booth he's working at, well... prepare to be dragged.]
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Passed it again, huh. I keep losing track... wonder if it's a good thing.


Hey, so... does anybody have a particular day - or more than one, I guess - that means something to them? Not their birthday or a holiday or anything like that, I mean a regular, normal day where something important or significant happened to them. Could be good or bad, whatever.

[Zack's in a weird mood today, for... various reasons. He's also lounging in the hammock outside House 50, enjoying it while he can before the cold weather forces him to take it down, so if you happen to be in the area, feel free to bother him that way instead.]
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Yeah, I know it's kinda lonely without her around. But don't give up! You gotta be beautiful for when she comes home, or she'll scold us. ...Uh... let's see, what else... must've liked that rain we just got, huh? I sort of wondered if it'd ever end. And we're lucky those weird magic things didn't ruin your bed... haha, imagine how mad she'd have been then? Those wizards would be in big trouble. ...Yeah, me too, probably.

...uh... dammit, this is harder than I thought... it's not you, guys, it's me.

[Zack can be found sitting in the garden in front of house 50, talking to the flowers. Yes, talking to the flowers. Very awkwardly. Feel free to bother him /o/]


Sep. 13th, 2009 11:05 pm
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[ooc: slightly backdated to after this post. Yes this is homage to last year. |Db]




Hey Cloud, thanks for stopping by.


Aug. 19th, 2009 10:48 pm
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Hey, everybody, it's Cloud's birthday! Be sure to wish him well and give him a big hug, okay? It's just what he wants!

Oh, and everybody in Brave Vesperia, or anybody who's thinking about joining- don't let Yuri's business talk fool you. Next time we have a meeting, we'll make it a big party, so get ready, okay? Bring food if you can! Lots of it!

Tifa, you're settling in okay at home, right? No catfights between the girls yet? [Yes, he means Tammy and Cloud too.] Sorry about the mess outside, I'm still working on Tammy's stable.

Speaking of which- Spike, I'm gonna need a hand getting the walls up.
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Hey, Cloud, I wanna talk to you. Tifa, you too.

Aerith, you want to go to the shops with me later?

[Zack is outside House 50 (since he and Aerith finally moved back there) with some building supplies, slowly putting together a little cabin/garage sort of structure beside the house. Yes, folks, it's time. Tammy is being moved into a stable. :c Bother if you want~]
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Tifa... Cloud won't be staying at your place. I'm sorry.

...He'll be okay though. I know I'm sure he will. It's Cloud, so... yeah.


[Be prepared for a very depressed Zack coming back to the apartment, Aerith. :c]
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[Private to Cloud]

Hey, Spike, I'm moving out for a while. Just figured I'd let you know.

[Zack's packing in his room. Hope you're about ready to go, Aerith.]
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That time again, huh...

Hey, does anybody know what the housing situation's like? I haven't counted the number of empty houses or checked out the apartments... should we be worried about having enough room for everyone? We've been getting a lot of New Feathers every month lately.

Oh, and... hey, Aerith, can I talk to you about something?

[Edit - Private to Cloud]

We need to talk, too.

[Edit 2 - Private to John - somewhat hackable :|]

Hey, doctor. You're monitoring this, right? Let's talk.
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Well, nobody can say this place doesn't surprise 'em anymore, I guess.

If anyone needs help with clean-up and rebuilding, I'm free. If everybody pitches in I bet it won't take much time!

Just how much damage did that thing do, anyway? What do we know about what it was and why it came here?

[Private to Cloud]

Hey, Spike? Are you okay? You've been pretty quiet lately.

[Zack's hanging around outside surveying the damage and making sure everything in the house is in order :|b Anyone's free to bother him.]
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[Private to Aerith]

Hey, Aerith... can I talk to you sometime soon? Privately? It's really important.


[Zack has found a hammock. He is currently in the woodsy area by House 50 trying to set up said hammock. He may or may not be failing miserably. Help, watch, mock, chat him up and take him out for beer tea? Be free!]

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