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[This has been a hell of a month for departures and bad news, apparently. Zack hates to add to the misery, but it's gotta be done.]

...Aerith Gainsborough's gone home. She didn't leave anything, but... if you were friends, you know how she felt.

Good Spirits is self-serve tonight. Sorry, guys.

[And Zack will be at Good Spirits for most of the day after that, serving himself. Despite the melancholy of his announcement, his mood will be switching between quiet and downright celebratory all night long. Coping, who's coping?

He also has company: a strange-looking winged dog, standing guard quietly at his back the entire time he's there.]
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Hey, Aerith! I think you owe me a story about Wall Market, huh? It's way overdue, even. I hope you're not hiding it on purpose!

...Oh, and while you're- actually, nevermind. I still want that story, though! You promised!

[Serious business can wait until they meet in person, anyway. It's better that way.]

Never thought I'd be so happy to see a heat wave hit this place. I'm just glad to say goodbye to the rain. I've had enough of that to last a couple of months at the very least.

[Action-wise, Zack is out and about around the house during the day, relaxing and getting used to not cleaving things in two when startled. It's amazing how dramatically one's behaviour can change in war. Still, it's been long enough, and he's cool enough with his state of mind to get back to work. Thus, the next few days he'll be spending his evenings at Good Spirits, feeling - once again - right at home. Bother him at will, as usual.

And later that day...]

Hey, Shizuo! When the heck are you coming back to work? You've missed like three weeks worth of shifts already!


Jan. 6th, 2010 11:12 pm
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I gotta say, I'm not a big fan of this time of year. I miss the sun being out all the time! Lately the weather's been so gloomy, it's no fun to go outside.

Hey everybody, what's your favourite thing to do inside the house?

[Locked to Aerith and Cloud]

Hey, Aerith, can I talk to you? You too, Spike, but I'll come and find you after, so sit tight, okay?


Dec. 2nd, 2009 07:58 pm
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Aerith, your voice is back now, right? We better talk. Spike, you too.
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[ooc: this sucker is sort of backdated, because due to midterms I wasn't really able to post before now.]

Oh man, this place is so cool! Hey, Spike, we're gonna ride everything, okay!?

Who still has tokens? What's the most fun thing to do there? Does anybody have a favourite? I wanna know!

[Zack is running around the park, sometimes with Cloud and Aerith, sometimes alone, pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Guaranteed that he'll run out of tokens, so guess what else he's doing?

That's right, RUNNING BOOTHS. Which booth? Probably the booth you're going to try and play. Whether you want to or not- because if you happen to pass by the booth he's working at, well... prepare to be dragged.]


Aug. 19th, 2009 10:48 pm
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Hey, everybody, it's Cloud's birthday! Be sure to wish him well and give him a big hug, okay? It's just what he wants!

Oh, and everybody in Brave Vesperia, or anybody who's thinking about joining- don't let Yuri's business talk fool you. Next time we have a meeting, we'll make it a big party, so get ready, okay? Bring food if you can! Lots of it!

Tifa, you're settling in okay at home, right? No catfights between the girls yet? [Yes, he means Tammy and Cloud too.] Sorry about the mess outside, I'm still working on Tammy's stable.

Speaking of which- Spike, I'm gonna need a hand getting the walls up.
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Hey, Cloud, I wanna talk to you. Tifa, you too.

Aerith, you want to go to the shops with me later?

[Zack is outside House 50 (since he and Aerith finally moved back there) with some building supplies, slowly putting together a little cabin/garage sort of structure beside the house. Yes, folks, it's time. Tammy is being moved into a stable. :c Bother if you want~]
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Tifa... Cloud won't be staying at your place. I'm sorry.

...He'll be okay though. I know I'm sure he will. It's Cloud, so... yeah.


[Be prepared for a very depressed Zack coming back to the apartment, Aerith. :c]
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That time again, huh...

Hey, does anybody know what the housing situation's like? I haven't counted the number of empty houses or checked out the apartments... should we be worried about having enough room for everyone? We've been getting a lot of New Feathers every month lately.

Oh, and... hey, Aerith, can I talk to you about something?

[Edit - Private to Cloud]

We need to talk, too.

[Edit 2 - Private to John - somewhat hackable :|]

Hey, doctor. You're monitoring this, right? Let's talk.
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[Private to Aerith]

Hey, Aerith... can I talk to you sometime soon? Privately? It's really important.


[Zack has found a hammock. He is currently in the woodsy area by House 50 trying to set up said hammock. He may or may not be failing miserably. Help, watch, mock, chat him up and take him out for beer tea? Be free!]
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Hey everyone... sorry to the people I talked to last week. I know I must've been pretty confusing while I was sick, huh? But no worries, I'm all better now!

Cloud, Aerith, I know I already said it, but... thanks for taking care of me. And I'm sorry for worrying you.

How's everybody else? Newcomers, are you settling in alright? I know this place can be kind of disorienting at times, but give yourself some time and you'll be fine.

Oh hey, Faize, don't worry about giving back that materia, okay? I don't really need it anymore. Are you having fun with it?
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Just wanted to let everyone know that Cloud's okay. He came home safe and is resting right now. Simon and Denzel, too.

Hey, uh, Tifa or Aerith, can I ask a favour of you guys?

Man, this place has been rough lately... I feel like we all need some kind of holiday. I'm baked.

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