Nov. 12th, 2010 01:23 pm
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Man, what a weird place...

...Is this working, can anyone hear me? It'd be a lot easier if this was a phone. Anyway, I'm Zack! And apparently I'm not really new here, but it's all new to me.

Still getting used to it and all, but- I guess the hardest part is just believing everyone when they say I was here before. I mean, you'd think you would remember stuff that already happened to you, right? But I don't remember anything about Luceti, or wings, or the people here. Does this happen a lot?

Well, whatever. Why let it bother you, right? So, I have a question for everyone I used to know here. How'd we meet? Are we friends, or are we still getting to know each other? Or should I even avoid you! What kind of stuff did I do here? There's so much I wanna know!
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Passed it again, huh. I keep losing track... wonder if it's a good thing.


Hey, so... does anybody have a particular day - or more than one, I guess - that means something to them? Not their birthday or a holiday or anything like that, I mean a regular, normal day where something important or significant happened to them. Could be good or bad, whatever.

[Zack's in a weird mood today, for... various reasons. He's also lounging in the hammock outside House 50, enjoying it while he can before the cold weather forces him to take it down, so if you happen to be in the area, feel free to bother him that way instead.]

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