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[Well, he was going to do this today anyway, but with the new threat looming over the village, now's as good a time as any.

Three cheers for peaceful village life.]

Morning, everybody. Hope we're all well-rested, because today's gonna be busy...

Brave Vesperia, I think we should all be at the meeting. Can we do a role-call? Wanna see how many of us are still around. Another thing- might as well try to get this started.

Luke and I were talking, and we were thinking it would be good to get a summary of skills for the guild to keep track of. You know, so we're more of an anything-goes guild. I'm sure all of us are kind of tired of just building stuff. [He's looking at you, Sokka.] Anyway, if you could just let me know what kind of stuff you're good at, combat or otherwise, whatever you think might be useful to someone, it would really help! I'll look into making some kind of catalogue. [Or find someone to do it, since paperwork is not his thing.]

For those not in-the-know, Brave Vesperia is a guild of skilled people who get together to pretty much do whatever the village needs. I'm Zack Fair, and I've been running the guild for a while now. We're always open to new members, so if anybody's interested, just give me a ring.

[Now, with that sorted-]

Guild business aside, I also work at Good Spirits, the local bar here, along with Buffy Summers. Our staff has taken a big hit lately, so if anyone's free for taking a few shifts serving customers, we could use some help. Drop by the bar later today if you're interested.

[Zack will be at the meeting, then around the plaza close to home, and then bar later on, so feel free to find him wherever is most fitting.

For those who can't respond, Zack will bring this up at the next BV meeting. Some sort of indication of your character's response would be appreciated!]
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[He really hates doing these... but he'd gotten the message earlier, and it's probably for the best not to delay things for long.]

Hey all- just a quick head's up. Yuri Lowell's gone home again. Everybody in Brave Vesperia, don't worry, okay? It's business as usual. I'm sure we can figure out where to take things from here. Yuri would want us to keep on trucking, so that's what we'll do!


Oh, and I've got an announcement for all you newcomers to Luceti, too! The name's Zack Fair, and I work at the local bar here in the plaza, along with Buffy Summers and Shizuo Heiwajima. The bar's called Good Spirits, and it's a great place for just hanging out and taking the load off. Not just for alcohol, either! So don't worry if you don't drink that stuff.

Come on in if you're ever feeling thirsty! We'd be happy to serve you.

[With that said- it's an Open Bar Post! Visit, mingle, chat with that handsome glowy-eyed bartender or each other, whatever. And once his shift is over, Zack will be going home (of course) a bit late, fleeing the thunderstorm. Good thing he's a durable sort. And there might be a nice surprise waiting for him tonight...]
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Hey there, Luceti! Name's Zack. Just wanna toss in the usual mention to newcomers that the local bar, Good Spirits, is in the plaza, and it's pretty much always open if you're in need of a little something to take the edge off. We serve more than booze, so don't worry if you're underage. I run the place, along with Shizuo and the lovely ladies Buffy and Meryl. Feel free to stop by anytime!

[Filtered to Haruhi]

Just checking in to see if you've got the details for the Brave Vesperia job. Yuri's back, so he'll probably be taking over soon, but I figure I may as well handle this one first.

[AND WITH THAT DONE... Since Cloud's arrival, Zack has been giving some serious thought to his weaponry. With Cloud trying to stake his claim on the Buster sword, and Zack needing some way to break the tension, it's probably about time to make a peace offering. First things first, though- he heads over to the weapon shop to visit a blacksmith. After that, he'll head to Cloud's apartment, Buster sword in hand.

Feel free to bump into him wherever! Alternatively, use this as a mingling bar post. IT IS QUITE OPEN I SAY.]
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[Filtered to Brave Vesperia]

Hey, Brave Vesperia members- Zack here. I know that Estelle talked about disbanding the guild, but I think there's still a need for what we were here to do for the village. Karol left us all betters, and I got the feeling that disbanding isn't what he would've wanted. Maybe I'm wrong, but... it just doesn't feel like it.

Either way, I want to keep the group running, and I know I'm not the only one, either.

If you disagree and wanna bow out, that's fine- no hard feelings or anything. Just let me know which of you are going to stick around, so we can update the roster.

For everybody staying in the guild, we've got a commission job from the SOS Brigade! So keep your eyes peeled for the details, and I'll try to get them ASAP.

[Filtered to Lightning]

Light! Wanna meet in the Battle Dome this afternoon? Got a little surprise for you.

[Today (aside from, hopefully, a bit of afternoon fun with a certain lovely lady) Zack will be hanging out around Good Spirits, mostly, either working at the bar as usual or chilling outside, trying to teach the most wretched looking dog ever to live (AKA "Just Dog") how to fetch. And probably failing miserably. Why won't his dogs ever fetch 8| This is obviously Daisy's fault.]

[[ooc: AND AND AND guys you don't have to do a thread with Zack if you don't want to or would rather leave it assumed, but either way PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everyone comment OVER HERE to say who is staying in BV. I'll have an ongoing roster for a while and announce it a few times, too. I don't want anyone to get accidentally kicked. Thank you!]]
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Hey, I wanna talk to that Malnosso guy who gives people stuff from home, ASAP!

Oh, and BRAVE VESPERIA, it's work time! This is also to anybody who offered to help build that new hang-out house- the space is all cleared up and the ground is ready, and I've got the materials, but I need help putting it together! If you're still up for giving me a hand, everything's going down just south of the second community building. Thanks ahead of time!

Since it's kind of hot out today, I think we should have a party down at the lake if we manage to get the building together! ...Or the mains structure, anyway. Any start is a good one, right?

[True to his word, Zack is hanging out in the aformentioned spot with a whackload of trimmed, cut-out, and somewhat disorganized logs and wooden planks, plus an empty lot of leveled, stomped-down dirt for the building itself. That's right kids, it's time to build a LOG CABIN! He's at a table where a decent set of drawing plans are laid out; he's had a lot of time to work on this, so he had to come up with something that wasn't half-assed. He hopes.

Closer to the evening, he'll be over by the southern lake swimming and/or dozing in the grass, regardless of whether or not anyone joins him or how much work gets done. A good swim always helps after a hard day's work, woo.]

[ooc: I figured this could act as a building log of sorts; mass action interaction to anybody who said they'd help build the thing, or down at the lake if they feel so inclined. Or even if you just want to drop by. I figured I'd leave it as open as possible. Feel free to handwave or just tack a note that your character was involved if you don't want to play it out- it's just high time this thing got started, fff. /fails

Also due to the lack of Bil for the moment, I'm handwaving the conversation in favour of an announcement: there were a few player inquiries, so Zack is requesting a karaoke machine be placed in Good Spirits. So as of Friday morning, lo and behold, there'll be one! Now someone organize some drunken party antics. |D]
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[Backdated to this afternoon, because Akai is slow.]

Hey, Brave Vesperia! I got us a job, if anybody wants to help out. Atsuki's asked if we can build a hang-out spot in the southern half of the village, so people don't have to walk all the way to the plaza just to have some fun. I wanna get started with scouting out the area, but I want to know if anybody's interested in helping out.

Same goes for anyone not in the guild- if you're bored and looking for some hard labour to keep you busy, I won't say no to the help!

[Zack is wandering through the village, doing just what he said- scouting out a spot that would work for the new building. What's most noticeable is that a) he's wearing a brilliant pink shirt and b) he's got a pink bow tied in his hair. Yes, it seems that he took Aerith up on her bet to wear pink like the manly man he is. He's got his journal ready to respond to whatever.]


Aug. 19th, 2009 10:48 pm
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Hey, everybody, it's Cloud's birthday! Be sure to wish him well and give him a big hug, okay? It's just what he wants!

Oh, and everybody in Brave Vesperia, or anybody who's thinking about joining- don't let Yuri's business talk fool you. Next time we have a meeting, we'll make it a big party, so get ready, okay? Bring food if you can! Lots of it!

Tifa, you're settling in okay at home, right? No catfights between the girls yet? [Yes, he means Tammy and Cloud too.] Sorry about the mess outside, I'm still working on Tammy's stable.

Speaking of which- Spike, I'm gonna need a hand getting the walls up.

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