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Man, everything gets pretty crazy when these experiment-things happen, doesn't it? ....oh well.

Hey, out there! Anybody who actually knows how to fly- got any advice? How do you do it? Magic, wings, a bit of both? I'd really appreciate the help!

[Zack woke up different this morning- not to the same degree as nearly everyone else, it seems, but enough to notice pretty damn fast. Getting changed was an adventure of yelping, flailing, and finally getting himself a pair of scissors to do some surgery on his shirt- because he woke up with a pair of very different white wings stuck to one side of his back.

It's not a bad change, mind you- after dealing with Angeal and Genesis for as long as he did, he'd begun to envy their wings and ability to fly the way they did, even if they were horribly unfair about their expectations of people 8| So after giving it some thought, there was really only one thing to do:


Thus, he will spend the majority of the day learning to flap his new wings, jumping off rooftops, baffling over how the hell Angeal and Genesis balanced themselves in the air with such one-sided wings.

...Oh, and faceplanting in the snow. He'll do a lot of that. Thank goodness for durable SOLDIER bones, eh?]
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This place is crazy- I can't believe how many people are here now! Yuri, we should start recruiting! Brave Vesperia could be huge!

It's weird that the newcomers don't have wings, though. Anyone have ideas on why that is? Maybe the Malnosso ran out of 'em or something.

So how many of me are out there now? I want to meet you guys!
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[ooc: this sucker is sort of backdated, because due to midterms I wasn't really able to post before now.]

Oh man, this place is so cool! Hey, Spike, we're gonna ride everything, okay!?

Who still has tokens? What's the most fun thing to do there? Does anybody have a favourite? I wanna know!

[Zack is running around the park, sometimes with Cloud and Aerith, sometimes alone, pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Guaranteed that he'll run out of tokens, so guess what else he's doing?

That's right, RUNNING BOOTHS. Which booth? Probably the booth you're going to try and play. Whether you want to or not- because if you happen to pass by the booth he's working at, well... prepare to be dragged.]

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