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So does this mean that "New Feather" cycle's started up again? It's been a few months, so I guess it works. Weird about the no-wings thing, though.

The whole journal system is looking pretty busy, but if anyone's looking for an escape, I'm gonna spend the day at Good Spirits, so if it's okay with everybody else, I'll just open it early this morning. I need more practice anyway.

[True to his word, Zack'll be at Good Spirits for the day, either practicing his mixes behind the counter or chilling out and watching the chaos outside.]
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This place is crazy- I can't believe how many people are here now! Yuri, we should start recruiting! Brave Vesperia could be huge!

It's weird that the newcomers don't have wings, though. Anyone have ideas on why that is? Maybe the Malnosso ran out of 'em or something.

So how many of me are out there now? I want to meet you guys!
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Hey, Cloud, I've headed home with some of the laundry, and I'm gonna bring fresh clothes for the kids in case we're at the clinic for much longer. You need anything?

And no housewife cracks. You'd have done it too.

Thanks to everyone who's been helping us out. It's nice that things are finally starting to settle down a bit. ....Though I'm not gonna hold my breath on it, either.

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