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[Today Zack has a few errands to run- first of all, since Sokka's back, he stops off at the smithy to pick up a little something that he's hoping is finished by now. He's in luck, too, because after that visit is done he leaves the smithy with this glorious piece of weaponry slung over his back. It may look like a mess, but he is ridiculously excited about it. Thus, a voice post:]

Hey, any weapon fans out there who name their blades? How do you pick 'em out? I've never done it before, but it seems kinda fitting to start...

Oh, and I could use a couple of sparring partners over in the Battle Dome this afternoon of anybody's interested. Especially- Yuri, Light? ...Cloud? You guys up for it? I need somebody who can handle a big broadsword or two. [...Or six.

And that's where Zack'll be for the majority of the afternoon. Once he's had his fill of sparring (assuming he had some takers) he pops over to the community building Cloud lived in to check on him.

A short while later, after returning home with one less friend and one more sword than he planned to return with (and informing certain housemates of what he found) he adds to his journal-]

Hey, anybody who knew Cloud Strife... he's gone back home again. Just wanted to let you guys know.

[What a day.]

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