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[This again... in this instance, though, Zack doesn't mind making the announcement. Luke had given him some bad news recently and it really seems to be hitting him hard, so it wouldn't be fair for the poor guy to have to tell everyone else, as well. He's been through enough lately.]

Hey guys, just a head's up... Guy Cecil's been sent back to his world.

[And since he'd rather not dwell on the bad news-]

Since we've lost him again, Good Spirits - that's the local bar here, for anybody who hasn't visited the place - is still looking for a couple more staff members, if anybody's interested. Servers especially. The place is run by me, Buffy, Raven, and Nami right now, but it's always nice to have a few nights off, so some extra hands can make a big difference for us. Inquire within!

We're trying to expand the menu to include some finger food, too- nothing too complicated, just stuff that's easy for anybody to make. Suggestions would be awesome.

Guess that's it for now.

[This entry can also serve as an OPEN BAR POST if anyone's interested.]
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You sound busy.

[Noel takes Zack's hand and shakes it in a friendly manner.]

It's a pleasure. I'm Noel Kreiss. I don't know too much about bars, you'll have to show me the ropes.
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[That's a good sign. Lightning was just hard on him because of his whole deal with Serah.]

Actually, I've never been to a restaurant before until recently.

[For a moment he seemed like he was at a loss for words.]

Back home we didn't have this. Guess I still have a lot to learn. [Life on Gran Pulse was hard.]
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That's something to be grateful for at least. [This is probably the first time Zack's home has been brought up. He's a little curious.]

If you don't mind me asking this. What kind of place was your home like?

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People getting hurt, huh. That's not a good thing.

A single company's capable of accomplishing that much damage? You sure there aren't more? They sound like people you don't want to mess with.
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Shinra? That must be something unique to your world.

Right. Only an idiot try and mess with them without any sort of plan.