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[This again... in this instance, though, Zack doesn't mind making the announcement. Luke had given him some bad news recently and it really seems to be hitting him hard, so it wouldn't be fair for the poor guy to have to tell everyone else, as well. He's been through enough lately.]

Hey guys, just a head's up... Guy Cecil's been sent back to his world.

[And since he'd rather not dwell on the bad news-]

Since we've lost him again, Good Spirits - that's the local bar here, for anybody who hasn't visited the place - is still looking for a couple more staff members, if anybody's interested. Servers especially. The place is run by me, Buffy, Raven, and Nami right now, but it's always nice to have a few nights off, so some extra hands can make a big difference for us. Inquire within!

We're trying to expand the menu to include some finger food, too- nothing too complicated, just stuff that's easy for anybody to make. Suggestions would be awesome.

Guess that's it for now.

[This entry can also serve as an OPEN BAR POST if anyone's interested.]
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[Ikki is familiar with the bar, he drops by fairly often. In fact during a long month he basically spent all his time there, getting drunk from when they opened to when they closed... Or to when Smoker came in to drag him back home, whatever happened first. Honestly he has never really cared about the bar besides that it was there and people were serving drinks, but today he must have a fever or something because when he hears this he actually wonders about if he should offer to help.]

Do you require experience at the other side of the bar counter or does experience as a customer work?
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So there's a difference between those two jobs?

[For him it's all the same, that's how much attention he pays.]

Whatever, you said you were looking for servers. I think I could do that at least.