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[This again... in this instance, though, Zack doesn't mind making the announcement. Luke had given him some bad news recently and it really seems to be hitting him hard, so it wouldn't be fair for the poor guy to have to tell everyone else, as well. He's been through enough lately.]

Hey guys, just a head's up... Guy Cecil's been sent back to his world.

[And since he'd rather not dwell on the bad news-]

Since we've lost him again, Good Spirits - that's the local bar here, for anybody who hasn't visited the place - is still looking for a couple more staff members, if anybody's interested. Servers especially. The place is run by me, Buffy, Raven, and Nami right now, but it's always nice to have a few nights off, so some extra hands can make a big difference for us. Inquire within!

We're trying to expand the menu to include some finger food, too- nothing too complicated, just stuff that's easy for anybody to make. Suggestions would be awesome.

Guess that's it for now.

[This entry can also serve as an OPEN BAR POST if anyone's interested.]
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[ She's a brave girl to not get intimidated and back down from that alone, then. Lightning's just not always the best at first impressions that don't end in intimidation...

-- But haha, ahaha, the idea that this one is capable of growing something edible... that's rich. The apparent absurdity clearly shows on her face for a moment, even if her reply remains simple. ]

The store.
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[Pao-Lin does catch a glimpse of Lightning's incredulity at the question, but she thinks that it's because Lightning thought she'd just asked a stupid question. She simpers.]

I see...I guess that was kind of a stupid question, huh? I know someone who has a vegetable garden, and there's that farm up north, but...most of our food comes from whatever shows up in the store...

[Awkward. Awkward, awkward, awkward.]
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You wouldn't want to eat anything I grew, trust me.

[ If... Pao-Lin's being particularly awkward, it's just rolling right off of Lightning. It's true- she's almost depressingly used to acting normal (for her) while other people are stumbling around (literally or mentally, because of her or otherwise). ]
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Ah...I'm sure you're not that bad. [Pao-Lin hunches her shoulders a bit and simpers.] I mean, I always forgot to water the potted vegetables back home, so the plants would always end up dying or the vegetables would turn out really small...
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[ Eehhhh... Lightning just shakes her head slightly. No, she's not going to waste energy arguing in the hopes of convincing someone else of a negative trait of hers. Perhaps her self esteem isn't always the best it could be at times, but that's sort of a step too far. ]

You didn't notice anything edible the last few times you were messing around in my yard, did you?

[ ... She will go ahead and throw that out, though. Yes girl, she does remember you. 8|;;; ]
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[Pao-Lin ducks her head a little more.] be honest...I don't really remember. I kinda went into a lot of people's yards at that time, so... [Not to mention she was too busy being freaked out both by the experiment and by Lightning yelling at her to remember other details at this point in time.]
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[ And Lightning turns to look straight at her, expression unreadable. After a moment, however- ]

Experiments really have a way of messing with people.
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[After a moment's pause:]

Still...sorry for messing up your yard and stuff.

[She thinks she must've apologized for this before, but again -- memories are kinda hazy.]
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Don't worry about it.

[ Uh... especially since that one time Lightning chased her away that didn't involve Pao-Lin actually screwing around with stuff, she was convinced the (far too young for him anyway) girl was obviously there in trying to steal Zack.

So yeah. ]